Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

July 3, 2003

by V

Tapped gets it

Smart things from today's Tapped: TAPPED: July 3
...sometime or other, as the war recedes, the campaign media is going to start waking up to Dean's decidely centrist record as governor of Vermont. All the anti-Bush positioning is giving him a major push in the primaries. But perhaps, if Dean is the nominee, the media will eventually "rediscover" him as a centrist -- which might actually work in his favor.

Tapped can't quite understand why [Kerry spokesman] Jordan thinks it's bad that Dean has "tapped into an angry, motivated constituency who . . . pulled out their checkbooks." Isn't that how you win campaigns against an incumbent?
The number of chattering cohosts nodding meaningfully at each other about Dean's 'ultra-left' nature is just comical.
Posted by V at July 3, 2003 04:04 PM

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