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July 6, 2003

by V

Trippi message on opponents' spin

Joe Trippi had a nice long post in the Dean comment threads; I think it should be posted on the main Dean blog page too, but here are the best bits (seen on Interesting Times)
Do what we have learned to do in Burlington HQ when it comes to the press and the rest of the candidates -- we don't pay attention to them and remain focused on our plans and implement them.

We just went through a 90 day period in which they ridiculed our strategy of putting our campaign in the hands of citizens organizing for themselves and for their country. Did any of that reporting or the other candidates jortling stop us from emerging into the top tier of candidates?

...The key to a presidential campaign is to keep the focus and to not let the press or the other campaigns take you off path.

It is amazing now to read the quotes of people who never saw this coming -- now being the people who are explaining what it all means.

It does not matter what the Kerry campaign does or if they grow or not -- the other campaigns and the press have failed to grasp what this campaign is about -- our cause is America itself -- and even Karl Rove will find it hard to stop that cause when carried by millions of Americans.

Millions? Yes Millions. You are among the first 180,000 in the great grassroots campaign of the modern era. We must use every tool on the Internet, and outreach via leafleting, fairs, community events, door-knocking and phone calling to call others to our effort.

Consider sitting down and handwriting a few letters to everyone who is close to you regardless of where they live. Ask them to consider Howard Dean and ask them to join our campaign by signing up on our website.

We have 85 days left -- 85 days to build a campaign of people, a campaign of participation, a campaign that changes our politics and our country for the better, a campaign that will win the nomination, and the White House -- even if the press and Washington never understand what we are about.

Joe Trippi
I'm particularly annoyed by quotes from other campaign's such as Gephardt's in the Boston Globe:
"I think you can overanalyze this," Gephardt adviser Steve Elmendorf said. "If Dean raises $15 million on the Internet in the next quarter, then we'll reevaluate."
Who died and gave them the right to set Dean's expectations?
Posted by V at July 6, 2003 10:43 AM

You don't appear to have an email contact, so I'll just have to use this comment. I noticed you pointed out this blog in the comments on BFA, and that you are political independents. I just want to point out a brand new site/blog of... we might have much in common: Dean Independents

We have just gotten this up and are not really going yet... watch over the next couple of weeks.

Posted by: Todd at July 6, 2003 11:23 AM

Your links in comments don't work. URL is


Posted by: Todd at July 6, 2003 11:24 AM

Thanks, Todd. We're just getting going and wouldn't have announced yet except that Mathew asked for links over at the Dean Blog. The archives will be cleaned up and we'll add email addresses to the sidebar (that was an oversight), and so on and so forth. Stay tuned!

Posted by: J at July 6, 2003 11:34 AM

This is a computer illiterate old lady who has much experience, a huge historical reference, and a sense of humor. That will be all that's said on the background.

One of the most interesting analysis of what is happening is that this campaign is generating the same excitement that limbaugh orginally did for the right.

I think there is an element of truth to that. Limbaugh and his ilk succeeded in making the l-word dirty. The right loved it. To be a ditto head appealed to them, some I know think that listening to Limbaugh makes them educated.

The reaction of people like me was why bother talking to them. You either have to get down on their level or scream and yell -- it was too disgusting to bother. But the internet allows and encourages rational discourse -- such a relief--such a joy--that people like me are making the effort to get on the internet and catch up.

Now keeping our focus and our goals regardless of the rest of the media is first and foremost. I am committed to getting Dean elected something that scares all of the powers to be.

Imagine the DNC having secret meetings with Clark to see if he can be induced to run and pointing out that Clinton did not get in the primaries til October.!!!

We need an immediate reponse -- not for bimbos that Clinton had--but all the negatives that are going to be manufactured. IE. This Sunday's parade magazine talked about Dean's famous short temper. First, I've heard of it. I am from San Antonio and Bush was known for his short temper as illustrated by his "Bring it on." This stuff has to be answered immediately!!!

Next we need a slogan that works. That everyone understands and can agree with no matter what range, degree, of what party. FDR had New Deal and then Truman the Fair Deal, Kennedy a New Frontier. Everybody since has felt we are passed that. But that is the problem -- we have no consenses on anything.

We don't want to go liberal, progressive, etc. We want to frame this as the people for decensey--remember all the promises of Bush for civility, unity, etc. which only exist for those who agree.

Most Americans want a DECENT DEAL. Pragmatism based on decency for the greatest number.

Democrats for Decensey is hard to argue against even Rush Limbaugh can only argue it as being meaningless and hypocritical which make them look worse. They don't believe these people are decent or that Americans want decency.

I am with Robert Kennedy I ask why not? A DEAN DREAMER.

Posted by: Janine Lauren at July 6, 2003 01:57 PM

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