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July 8, 2003

by V


Among others, Josh Marshall and CalPundit are following the Iraq-Niger-uranium story closely.

Broad outline: not only was the claim Bush made in the State of the Union speech false, but large chunks of the government knew it months in advance and told the White House so immediately after the speech. It's many months later, but the administration has finally admitted as much.

The possibility that they knew it was false before they said it is being brought up by named sources, too.

That's no way to run a war, let alone a country.

Update: The worst claims in the latter story have been retracted.
Posted by V at July 8, 2003 03:57 PM

The saddest feature in all this story is its tragic overtones--over two hundred widows, as well as present and future fatherless children.

A. N.

Posted by: Alexander Nayberg at July 25, 2003 07:32 PM

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