Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

August 8, 2003

by V

Downward Slide

AP: Bush's Popularity Since 9-11 Waning
A new poll shows the president's job approval rating has dropped to 53 percent, about the same level he received before Sept. 11, 2001, and down from 58 percent in July.

...Poll results also reveal a tightening in the 2004 presidential race with Bush leading by 43 to 38 percent over a Democratic nominee.

The survey suggests women and Americans who are middle-income or lower-income have moved away from the president.

But Democrats remain frustrated with their own party. Six in 10 say they're disappointed with the party's performance on core issues such as helping the poor and aiding the average worker.

The main beneficiary of their aggravation: Howard Dean, whose name recognition has increased since the previous poll was taken in early July.
And the campaign hasn't even properly begun.

Will a September convention in New York work a War-PR miracle for the Republicans, or are they just doomed?
Posted by V at August 8, 2003 08:17 AM

I hate polls. All polls. I think they're a deeply corrosive influence on the political process.

Not that we shouldn't pay attention and try to figure out what they mean, but in general I just hate the whole concept.

Just sayin'.

Posted by: J at August 8, 2003 10:47 AM

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