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August 13, 2003

by J

Annoying Cutesy Coverage

I really don't like this kind of political campaign coverage. The Post has a story about how John Kerry committed a big faux pas by ordering the wrong kind of cheese on his sandwich and eating it "daintily."
If Sen. John F. Kerry's presidential aspirations melt like a dollop of Cheez Whiz in the sun, the trouble may well be traced to an incident in South Philadelphia on Monday.

There, the Massachusetts Democrat went to Pat's Steaks and ordered a cheesesteak -- with Swiss cheese. If that weren't bad enough, the candidate asked photographers not to take his picture while he ate the sandwich; shutters clicked anyway, and Kerry was caught nibbling daintily at his sandwich -- another serious faux pas.

"It will doom his candidacy in Philadelphia," predicted Craig LaBan, food critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer, which broke the Sandwich Scandal.
Maybe I'm just irritable today, but it just seems stupid. In the article they compare it to Bush I not recognizing a supermarket scanner thereby demonstrating he was out of touch with the common man. Hey, if swiss cheese (the horror!) was on the menu, then there was obviously some demand for it by us commoners, so don't pick on Kerry for ordering it. Yeesh! His spokesperson did have a fine response, though:
"I suspect that Kerry was thinking about provolone cheese but became distracted by thinking of the more than 3 million jobs that have slipped through the holes of George W. Bush's economic plan."
But, honestly. This country is in a whole mess of a trouble and the Post is worrying about whether Senator John Kerry's eating cheez whiz or not.

Welcome to America, 2003.
Posted by J at August 13, 2003 8:36 PM

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