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August 17, 2003

by V

Democratic Party Meetup

[edited & re-posted from an open thread on blogforamerica]

On the Kerry2004 meetup site, and they have an item in their 'Agenda' section that I think is a good idea for all the Dem campaigns: join & attend the National Democratic Party meetups that are cropping up now.

Even though I'm an independent voter, the distribution of power across the country has become so lopsided that I will explicitly work to elect Democrats to try and restore some balance.

The meetings, which you can sign up for at democrat.meetup.com, seem to be designed to help do that with specific local actions. And in addition to the obvious value of making a good showing for Howard Dean at such meetings, I think the goals of these Meetups match well with those of Dean supporters and it would be useful for some of us to attend.

Getting a Dem President would be great; getting a Dem President with some coattails would be even better.

The next such meetup is this coming Wednesday night.
Posted by V at August 17, 2003 11:39 AM

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