Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

August 19, 2003

by V

Taking Names

According to a new American Research Group poll in New Hampshire, Dean has a 7-point lead over Kerry and an 18-point lead over Gephardt (28 to 21 to 10, 4% margin of error). If you read the poll's internals, the news for Dean remains good; no hidden trouble lurking in the favorability ratings.

BlogForAmerica: Dean Jumps into Solid Lead in New Hampshire
Howard Dean is the only candidate with forward momentum -- surging 9 points since July, while all the other candidates either stayed static or fell back.
This matches the CW I've seen in the last few days that the race is becoming a 3-way battle (Dean v. Kerry v. Gephardt) and the other candidates just aren't getting any traction any more. Lieberman and Edwards in particular are lower than they should be at this point if they want to build some momentum.

Of course things could change, but as the Dean staff baseball team said in today's Note about their victory over the Lieberman campaign staff in a weekend game: "Any team would kill to be in the position we're in."
Posted by V at August 19, 2003 02:33 PM

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