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August 21, 2003

by J

Fineman: Clark is In

Fineman thinks (or does he actually know?) that Clark is definitely going to run.
Another sure thing: Wes Clark is in. The retired general and Rhodes Scholar increasingly looks like a seer for his pre-war comments. Go back and read what he had to say in the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq. (Any of the Clark for President grassroots Web sites will do.) Clark, who was leaning toward running in any case, almost certainly can’t now resist the chance to say “I told you so.” And, more than any other possible Democratic candidate (with the exception of John Kerry), Clark could brush off the soft-on-defense rhetoric that GOP oppo experts are preparing to throw at the Democratic Party.
If he doesn't actually "know" anything yet, then I think he's being not very nice to attribute petty "Wanna-say-I-told-you-so" wishes to Clark. Clark could holler "I told you so" whether he ran for President or not, given the amount of tv time he seems to get. As for the soft-on-defense rhetoric, cf: Max Cleland. But even setting that side, good grief, if we had an honest, competent press corps who would point out that the GOP rhetoric on this issue is just that: rhetoric, not based in substance or facts, then the whole "who's tougher?" nonsense could be set aside once and for all.

Everything is so meta these days as to have entered the realm of farce. It's now "How will you cope with Nonsensical Talking Point X Which Has Dubious Emotional Resonance?" instead of writing the headline "X is Nonsensical." Grrrr.
Posted by J at August 21, 2003 01:26 PM

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