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August 25, 2003

by V

Dubious Prediction

Grover Norquist on C-Span today:
"...as the caller says, we now are in a period of economic growth, and the challenge for the Democrats is that there's going to be about 3-4% growth for the next 12 months; we're going to be going into the next election in a period of economic growth."
Grover Norquist is the leading tax-reform whiner and goal-post-mover in the country; no matter what the tax rate has been reduced to, a month later Norquist squeals like a stuck pig about the horrible federal income tax burden. I have yet to see Norquist give an actual figure for what the rate should be in the end, which makes it harder to take him seriously.

(Jack Kemp, by contrast, has actually stated some specific rates that he believes would maximize the productivity of the country and therefore produce the most revenue with the least burden. 20%, I think.)

I believe any prediction from Norquist is highly politicized and therefore suspect; therefore, this one's written down.
Posted by V at August 25, 2003 09:25 AM

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