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August 25, 2003

by J

Sleepless Tour

Dean has been getting huge crowds on his Sleepless Summer Tour. Blog For America has been going wild. The web team can't stand it and they've decided to head to New York tomorrow to be there for the final rally.

I hope this is the beginning of a huge phenomenon. We have to Take Our Country Back.

Go, contribute to the million-dollar fundraiser this weekend. I gave in $10 increments, a contribution during each rally. Every little bit helps! And make sure you've signed up for the campaign email list, too.

On a tangential note, Adam at Likely Story wrote up the interesting buzz about Clark as a Dean VP. Personally, I think the 'buzz' is just that -- overblown by journalists and hopeful Democrats, but it's interesting, nonetheless.
Posted by J at August 25, 2003 10:34 PM

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