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September 2, 2003

by V

Kerry on MTP

I watched John Kerry's appearance on Meet the Press from Sunday.

He comes across to me as a fairly typical presidential candidate, i.e. versed on many topics but speaking in a very dry fashion. I would vote for him, but he's sure not inspiring enough for me to work for him in the primaries.

He kind-of-disavowed Jim Jordan's nastier attacks on Dean, which is nice as long as you ignore the fact that Jordan surely would have stopped long ago if Kerry truly disapproved.

At the end, Russert asked Kerry about his membership in Skull & Bones and Kerry refused to answer, saying it was really secret stuff. This actually struck me as kind of creepy -- if he dismissed it as some silly kid stuff, that would be one thing, but his public refusal to say anything substantive about it gives me the impression that his loyalty to this Bush-related group is even more important than his presidential ambitions.

This bugs me.
Posted by V at September 2, 2003 12:07 AM

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