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September 9, 2003

by J

Sneak Preview of the Note?

Hey! This hardly seems fair. Right now on my computer screen I just loaded Howie Kurtz's latest blatherings in which he quotes The Note making fun of Fox for "hosting tonight's second Democratic debate" and has 3 full grafs from, presumably, today's Note. (Emphasis added.) But when I open The Note (it's 10:25AM EST), there's no such post and yesterday's Note is still the current post. So, does Howie Kurtz get a sneak preview of the Note in enough time to post to his column? How do I get on that list? Come on! 'Fess up, ABC! Share with the rest of us. Kurtz is not nearly as bright or as interesting as many indie bloggers (Kos, V, Atrios, .. the list goes on.) How can we get on your sneak preview list?

Update: So, today's The Note is up now, and nothing that Howie quoted is there. So, maybe he meant one of the other daily political sites? Or he's lost it? Or.... I'm certainly puzzled.
Posted by J at September 9, 2003 10:30 AM

Howie was actually quoting from the previous day's edition of The Note, which seems incredibly lazy, even for him.

Posted by: Patience at September 10, 2003 10:21 AM

Looks like Kurtz revised Monday's Note without using [brackets].

Bad media critic!

Posted by: V at September 10, 2003 04:47 PM

Ah. Well, that explains it. I was kinda' hoping there was a Note sneak preview list that I could worm my way onto. Oh well...

Posted by: J at September 10, 2003 10:04 PM

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