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September 12, 2003

by V

Arnold's 'Character'

Small blast from the past re: California's leading Republican (printed before he was a candidate):

Arnold's Antics Terrify Dushku's Pal
Actress ELIZA DUSHKU regrets the day she ever invited her best pal on the set of 1994 movie TRUE LIES to meet ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER - because he terrified her to the point of tears.

Former BUFFY star Dushku thought it would be fun to invite her best friend ALISON to the film set and meet the muscle-clad ERASER star - but his antics soon had her bawling with tears.

She recalls, "When Alison came into the trailer, Arnold was all in his wardrobe and he said, 'Let's get in my HUMMER and let's go to PLANET HOLLYWOOD right now.'

"We got in his Hummer and as we're nearing Planet Hollywood, Arnold busts up on the curb and starts chasing tourists and pedestrians down the sidewalk with his head out the window. He was trying to amuse the children, I guess.

"We ate a meal and then he ordered this dessert plate with every dessert on it.

"Alison was really nervous and couldn't speak, so he was trying to loosen her up. There was this big piece of German chocolate cake and he says, 'Alison, this cake smells like lemon to me. It's really strange because it looks like chocolate.' He's like, 'Smell this,' and so she really nervously gets up and he stuffs it all in her face.

"She was legitimately terrified. She ran to the bathroom crying. Arnold was like, 'I was trying to make friends.'"
What a guy.
Posted by V at September 12, 2003 12:08 PM

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