Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

September 19, 2003

by V


The official Clark site has moved from www.americansforclark.com to www.clark04.com. Odd, given that his podium had the old URL. Anyway...

You'd think that one of the first things they'd put on the Clark site is the text of his announcement speech... but instead they have this half-assed, half-finished transcript instead.
12:22:10 Why has American lost jobs? Lost prospect of surplus to deficit that deepens every day? Why has our country lost our sense of security and has fear? (People yell Bush after questions)...Why are so many here in America hesitant to speak out and ask questions. We’re going to ask those hard questions my friends and ask...

(The weirdest thing is, one of the mis-transcriptions is immortalized on the front page of the Clark site.)
content? no, intent

Luckily, Clark bloggers have his back and put up their own transcript where his intent is, in fact, firm.

Update: In contrast, John Edwards' speech, given the day before, is posted in full.

Update the Second: As of 9/20, they've put up a proper transcript and fixed the graphic on the front page. Huzzah.
Posted by V at September 19, 2003 03:09 PM

Re: the "Moving Out!!!!" quote. As I've noted on my weblog, Terry Pratchett has made several observations about people who use multiple exclamantion marks, saying things like "Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of someone who wears their underwear on their head."

I believe this to be insulting to those of us who do occasionally wear underwear on our heads.

Posted by: Dan Lyke at September 19, 2003 04:48 PM

To be fair, when I listened to the speech I only heard two exclamation points.

Posted by: V at September 19, 2003 04:59 PM

I seem to remember the old site having a link to a weblog. There is no such link on the new site. Wonder what happened to it?

Posted by: Len at September 20, 2003 05:51 AM

Well, there's a blogroll linked in their left column that was there from early on... They have a link to the unofficial Clark weblog (don't know how long that's been there)...

What's not there any more?

Posted by: V at September 20, 2003 09:00 AM

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