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September 20, 2003

by J

Who Will Survive?

What a hoot! Howard Dean will be at the Avalon in New York City tonight and opening for him will be Al Franken, Gloria Gaynor, Janeane Garofalo, Whoopi Goldberg, and Phoebe Snow. Someone over at Blog For America came up with an amusing rewrite of "I Will Survive."
At first we were afraid -- we were petrified!
Kept thinking how we couldn't live without you by our side.
But then we spent those sleepless nights, seeing how you did us wrong,
And we grew strong.
'Cuz we know how to take you on!

Hear that bat crack! We're gaining pace!
We're gonna win, that's why we're here: to wipe that smirk right off your face!
Just listen to Dean talk,
Hear the words that set us free:
The power's not with him, it's in the hands of you and me!

And so we go,
From door to door,
We can't be stopped now,
We won't be silenced anymore!
Pity the ones who try to hit us with their lies,
We will not stumble,
We will not lay down and die!

Don't even try!
We will survive!
We're the strength this country's made of,
We're the force that makes it thrive!
Democracy's the gift we give,
Democracy's the life we live,
We will survive!
We will survive!
Hey, hey!
On top of everything else, this continues to be a very fun campaign to be a part of.
Posted by J at September 20, 2003 03:54 PM

Did Gloria Gaynor actually sing this version at the Avalon?

Posted by: Laura in DC at October 12, 2003 01:43 AM

Laura -- don't know, wasn't there. Although I didn't hear anything suggesting that she did, so probably not.

Posted by: J at October 13, 2003 06:21 PM

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