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September 21, 2003

by V

Bat Bat Bat ... Bat Bat

THE BAT It's that time of the quarter... if you're the least bit interested in strengthening Howard Dean's campaign for President, please dig up a few bucks and toss them his way, even if it's only $10. This quarter's $$ total will shape the race more than any single poll result! (And the total number of contributors is an important measure as well.)

Blog for America : The Bat is Up | September 21, 2003
[From Joe Trippi in the comment thread:] The time is now -- towards the end of the month we will reveal the total about raised so far as we make a final push towards an historic quarter for any Democrat.

By placing the goal at $5 million in ten days and by doing so publicly we have once again put the future of this campaign and our cause where it is supposed to be...in your hands.
In the first hour of the bat's appearance, it's gone from $100 to over $30,500. (This is in contrast to the Kerry campaign's 'hammer', which has taken five days to raise around $82,000.)

If they (we!) can sustain that rate, they'll break $5 million in 7 days, not 10, with an average contribution of around $70.00. (Can they sustain it? Well, the first hour of the bat was midnight on a Saturday. I think it's very possible.)

Money isn't everything, but in a political campaign it's a measure of people's interest and commitment. Who has inspired more people to get involved? Who's gotten (and retained) people's attention? Who is building an army of creative volunteers who will be working to beat George W. Bush? Howard Dean.

Help him out, eh?
Posted by V at September 21, 2003 01:07 AM

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