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September 28, 2003

by J

Titles Matter

I've spent most of the day following the 'White House Discloses National Security Information, Borders on Treason, in Petty Political Payback' story and there's too much going on to try to recap here. Go see CalPundit (who's finally pissed off and asks conservatives to wake the hell up), Kos, Atrios, and even Drezner (who says he'll switch parties if it's true) for more.

On an unrelated note, but before I lose track, I did want to be sure to note the following tidbit about the primary race and polling that, unsurprisingly, isn't getting much play in the media. Apparently, the polls in which Clark 'wins' are the ones in which the title "General" is next to his name. I had suspected as much, actually, and I wonder if they put "Doctor" or "M.D." next to Dean's name or if they put "J.D." next to Edwards'. Somehow, I doubt it. PoliticalWire notes:
While Wesley Clark "shines in national polls," an independent SurveyUSA poll and one for Edwards in Iowa, "have him fifth -- behind Edwards, ahead of Lieberman," the Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire reports. "Pollsters note former Gen. Clark leads only in surveys where he is named by his military title."

Posted by J at September 28, 2003 04:32 PM

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