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October 4, 2003

by J

Bigotry Reigns for Republicans

A few intrepid college Republicans decided to protest Dean's appearance in Wisconsin today and proudly voted to display their homophobia for all to see. A recent press release from the Dean campaign explains the whole story.
Wisconsin for Dean Responds to Republican Plans To Protest Dean Visit Tomorrow

MADISON--Wisconsin for Dean State Coordinator Michael J. Tate issued the following statement today regarding plans by the state Republican party to protest Governor Dean's visit to Wisconsin tomorrow:

"We thank our Republican friends for joining our canned food drive and acknowledging the plight that the Bush economy has visited upon Wisconsin's working families.

"Since our working families couldn't afford to feed themselves at President Bush's $2,000-a-plate lunch in Milwaukee, it's worth noting that Republicans had to come to a Howard Dean event in order to help them.

"What is more repugnant than the Republicans' admission of economic failure is a contest they held awarding prizes for the 'best' poster attacking Governor Dean. The winning slogan reportedly reads 'Dean's a queen.'

It's sad that at a time when Americans are losing jobs at home and our nation its credibility abroad, Republicans spend their time on contests for homophobic slogans.

Governor Dean's campaign is one of grassroots power and inclusion, not one of bigotry and division."

Link to Republican Party Press Release about protest.

Link to story in Capital Times about sign-making contest (see second half of article).

Posted by J at October 4, 2003 06:15 PM

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