Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

October 24, 2003

by J

Wow -- NH Poll Results

I do indeed hate polls. I think they're a corrosive influence on politics. But, I am stunned (and happy) about this latest Zogby poll showing Dean pulling away by a huge margin in New Hampshire.
Dean Soars into Huge Lead in New Hampshire Now Leads Kerry 40-17 Among Likely Voters; Clark and Edwards in Distant 3rd --New Zogby Poll

Former Vermont Governor Dr. Howard Dean has opened a large lead over his closest challenger in New Hampshire according to the newest poll by Zogby International.

Dean earned 40%, compared to Massachusetts Senator John Kerry’s 17%. None of the other candidates have exceeded single digits in the polling. Retired General Wesley Clark and North Carolina Senator John Edwards are tied for third with 6% each.

[...] Pollster John Zogby: "This is stunning. Dean leads 43-20 among Democrats and 35 to 11 among Independents. He hits 40 among all age groups, union and non-union voters. His lead is 57-17 among self-described progressives, 50-20 among liberals, and 34-14 among moderates. Married voters give him a 38-13 edge and singles a 45-21 point lead. He holds huge leads among all education groups, among investors and non-investors, men and women. This qualifies as juggernaut status. Can he be stopped?"
He can only be stopped if the Republican right lies, cheats, and steals through the use of corrupted voting infrastructures. I wouldn't put it past them.
Posted by J at October 24, 2003 11:27 AM | TrackBack

Wait a minute, I thought Dean was 'peaking too early'! Gee.

I think it's gotten to the point where the very fact of his large lead will attract people away from Kerry, a la: "Gee, Howard Dean seems to be running a very skilled campaign. Maybe we should run him against Bush."

Posted by: V at October 24, 2003 02:38 PM

This is unbelievable. Even though I do not trust Zogby, this is great news!

Posted by: Laura in DC at October 24, 2003 11:13 PM

Check the questions and their order on this Zogby poll and you will see that it amounts to a push poll....that's why it was so far out of line with what other polls are saying... Dean still has a decent lead but this poll is extremely unreliable...

Posted by: Mike Pridmore at October 25, 2003 01:28 AM

Maybe. But people over at Kos aren't sure what happened with the order of the questions. There's a lot of supposition floating around. I do know the Clarkies are trying to use this to downplay their guy's low percentages in this poll, though.

Posted by: J at October 25, 2003 07:19 AM

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