Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

November 3, 2003

by J

Friends and Enemies

Ha. The cynic in me guffaws a bit bitterly at the WSJ editorial board coming to Dean's defense. As quoted in The Note:
Democrats usually smear Republicans with this kind of race-baiting politics, but it isn't any more justified when Democrats use it against one of their own. Dr. Dean is hardly sympathetic to the Confederacy, or Jim Crow, or apartheid or any other kind of racial discrimination. He was merely saying he'd like to win the support of Southerners who over the years have fled the Democratic Party represented by the Kerrys and the Dick Gephardts.
Gephardt's position was described in the Washington Post Express this morning thusly:
[Gephardt], who shares the lead in Iowa with Dean, accused Dean of trying to win the votes of people "who disagree with us on bedrock Democratic values like civil rights.
Gasp! He wants their votes! In a national election! Imagine that! But, I guess winning votes from all Americans is now not the goal of the leading contenders of the Democratic party. Way to go, fellas. Way to make Lieberman's wandering in the wilderness blatherings not just descriptive, but prescriptive.
Posted by J at November 3, 2003 11:16 AM

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