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November 8, 2003

by J

Anti-Deans to DC: "You Kiss Off, Too"

Five of the Democratic candidates, in a transparently coordinated move, are asking to have their names withdrawn from D.C.'s nonbinding primary in January. I have a lot of sympathy for the District's frustration at being taxed without representation, and part of the point of this nonbinding vote was to draw attention to DC citizens' disenfranchisement. There's lots of coverage in the First Primary Blog, and if one DC council member has his way, the names will remain on the ballot.

DC For Dean (a volunteer organization) issued a statement:
The powerful DC for Dean grassroots organization welcomes Howard Deanís continued commitment to Washington DC voters. With 5 of 9 Democratic Presidential nominees withdrawing from the DC primary, District Democrats have been angered by the candidatesí rejection of the Districtís efforts to publicize the lack of voting rights.

Posted by J at November 8, 2003 08:32 PM

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