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November 10, 2003

by J

Ouchies for Kerry

This bit from Salon about Kerry's handling of his recent staff shakeup (firing his campaign manager) is painful.
Jordan's firing raised the specter of other departures.

In a conference call Sunday night, Kerry enraged much of his staff by mispronouncing the name of a top staff member at least once, and could be heard eating as he broke the news of Jordan's firing, which he called a "one-day story." Stung by his attitude, several aides said they were considering quitting the campaign.
I question the reporting; "enraged" and "stung" are fairly loaded terms. Still, not cool. I think the reason I pay more attention to the Kerry campaign is that were Dean not in the race, Kerry would probably have been my top choice (a weak top choice, but still) in the spring. Now he would not be my choice at all. Oh well. I get the impression that he could care less about my vote, so I'm sure it won't bother him to know that he's sunk greatly in my estimation.
Posted by J at November 10, 2003 10:13 PM

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