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November 11, 2003

by J

Dean on Jordan Firing

Heh. Good answer and quite likely true:
Asked about the change in the Kerry camp at a news conference in Iowa on Monday morning, Dr. Dean declined to comment, saying only, "I have enough trouble keeping up with what's happening in my own campaign."
Now, given how opprobrious Kerry's been about Dean, the good doctor could have been much nastier. Good on him for not doing so. The Times article also notes that Kerry is now running an ad using the Dubya aircraft footage and that Kerry's not the world's greatest boss, it seems:
Mr. Kerry held a 45-minute telephone conference call on Sunday to discuss the firing with aides, many of whom had been hired by Mr. Jordan and who were described by participants in the meeting as distraught and unsettled by this latest instance of turmoil in the Kerry campaign. Rather than calming the waters, three people who took part in the call said, Mr. Kerry was pummeled for nearly an hour by campaign aides who asked if Mr. Jordan was becoming a scapegoat for the candidate's shortcomings.

[...] "We know and you know that Jim wasn't the problem," one aide said in recounting what one staff member told Mr. Kerry. "We want to know that you know that the problem was not Jim: You need to understand that there needs to be fundamental changes in this campaign."

Posted by J at November 11, 2003 06:58 AM

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