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November 14, 2003

by J

Clark Disses NH?

So, this doesn't seem to be a very good idea to me:
Wesley Clark, who bypassed Iowa to focus on New Hampshire and other primary states, will skip a Democratic presidential debate in the Granite State next month to attend a fund-raiser in New York.

The debate is slated for Dec. 9 and the eight other candidates have changed their schedules to attend. Clark, however, will be taking part in a previously scheduled fund-raiser in which the campaign hopes to collect $1.5 million.
Money's money, and were this debate to be held anywhere else, I wouldn't blink. I think the debates are kind of pointless, due to poor structure and pathetic moderation. But to bail on a debate in New Hampshire after already pulling out of Iowa? Seems like a not smart move.

On the other hand, if my little theory (which I don't think I believe myself, but entertains me) is true, Clark needs to raise a whole lot of money himself to contribute to the general campaign against Bush when he teams up with Dean (in one capacity or another.) Ha.
Posted by J at November 14, 2003 09:27 PM

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