Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

November 18, 2003

by J

More Endorsements

Dean keeps chip, chip, chipping away at carving out what he needs to in order to sew up the nomination. Far from just appealing to the "golden ghetto" that the increasingly irrelevant DLC is so anxious and fluttery about, Dean's reaching out to multiple constituencies and the Democratic establishment in a strong showing of political skill and savvy. I can't get over how hard-working this guy is.

Someone over at Kos described how Dean was the only presidential candidate to show up at the Asian-American Action Fund Presidential Candidate's Forum (shades of how he was the only 'major' candidate to show up at NOW's forum this summer) and received the endorsement of Congressman David Wu on the spot.
Dean really made an impression by actually showing up. so much so that in the end, David Wu said while he hadn't endorsed anyone up to now, he had made up his mind and gave Dean his endorsement on the spot. that was awesome!!! I talked to Honda later and he said because he is part of a DNC commitee, he must remain neutral, but he said, "Your guy did a world of good by coming today."
In the comments to this thread, someone was at a birthday party fundraiser for Dean last night and reports back that he's repeating his downticket plans for the general election:
(this is paraphrased from memory): "And in the upcoming year, we're going to ask you folks to extend the incredible efforts you've given to our campaign to 20-30 targeted Dem. races. We're going to reclaim our Congress as well. We're also going work on our State houses in 2004. They want to call you (I think he chose this nickname) "Deanistas"...fine. Let's show them we intend to take our entire country back."

(Loud cheers)

[...] Actually, from a realpolitik standpoint it's a brilliant move on the superdelegates. Say, Congreessman Blowhard, you want a couple of thousand motivated folks pounding the pavement in 2004? Well, if you just consider this endorsement...
In addition, Josh Marshall is reporting that Jim Moran and Elijah Cummings also endorsed Dean at the same fundraiser. (I'm waiting for confirmation from DFA for those.) Marshall so clearly doesn't care for Dean, and has pretty much outed himself as a Clarkie. In this case, his praise is all for "the event" and not the man himself. Kind of amusing to watch him swallow his (misguided) distaste and try to report fairly, except when he's deliberately misleading and irresponsible in his 'coverage.'
Posted by J at November 18, 2003 07:26 AM

Just want to say how much I appreciate this blog! One of my must reads for interesting takes.

Independents are quite passive readers, hmm?

Posted by: Todd at November 18, 2003 08:47 PM

Independents are quite passive readers, hmm?


(Thanks for the compliment, btw. :) )

Posted by: J at November 18, 2003 09:40 PM

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