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December 3, 2003

by J

Getting People Involved? Dem Says: "Too Experimental"...

I hope Congressman Stupidly-'Risk'-Averse is kicking himself in the head right about now. According to the Des Moines Register, Zoe Lofgren (one of the first Congresscritters too endorse Dean) is the one who decided Dean should aim his supporters at Leonard Boswell. Turns out she approached someone else about the idea first, though.
She asked officials of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the political arm of House Democrats, for a list of targeted incumbent Democrats.

[...]Lofgren approached a House member, whom she declined to identify, who ultimately turned down the offer.

"I won't mention his name because I don't want to embarrass him," she said. "That guy decided it was too experimental for him. He didn't want to do it."
Timidity, fear, and caution -- that guy, whoever he is, is right where the Republicans want him. Pelosi should kick his ass.
Posted by J at December 3, 2003 11:31 AM

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