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December 12, 2003

by J

MA Pols For Dean

Heh. Not the most important or interesting tidbit recently (not enough time to blog! waah!) but caught this on my morning rounds:
As Sen. John F. Kerry intensified his attacks on Howard Dean's Iraq position, the former Vermont governor taunted Kerry without saying a word - releasing a list of Massachusetts pols campaigning for Dean this weekend.

`I think the people of America deserve a president who tells them the truth,'' Kerry said after campaigning at Northeastern University. ``And it is wrong for Howard Dean to criticize me and others for having had the wrong judgment when he himself exercised the exact same judgment.''

Dean then rolled out a list of 75 elected Bay State officials who will embarrass the senator by campaigning for Dean in New Hampshire this weekend. The officials include state Reps. Jay R. Kaufman of Lexington, Frank Smizik of Brookline and Charles A. Murphy of Burlington.

"It's certainly a statement of Gov. Dean's widespread appeal that so many Massachusetts leaders and officials are in Gov. Dean's camp,'' said Dean's New Hampshire spokeswoman, Dorie Clark.
Seventy-five?! Haha. Once again, all hail Obi Wan Trippi.
Posted by J at December 12, 2003 07:14 AM

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