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December 13, 2003

by J

Jackson Sr. Endorsement?

Rumors are starting to circulate that Jesse Jackson Sr. might endorse Dean. His son, a Congressman, already has. Rainbow/PUSH has issued a press release titled "Rev. Jackson Analyzes Al Gore’s Recent Political Endorsement of Howard Dean." A couple of interesting bits:
Dean has galvanized a broad coalition, to include:

Working Americans
Dean has unapologetically rebuked Bush’s tax cut, which unjustly rewards the wealthy and penalizes the poor, and bankrupting the national treasury. Consequently, states have spiraled into deficit spending.

Global Community
Our country has witnessed a net loss of 3 million jobs and we continue to lose global manufacturing jobs. Dean has called for a global agenda which works from the bottom up.

Therefore, the sooner all Democratic presidential candidates develop a broader message which resonates among the people, the sooner they will encourage participation in the electoral process, and regain the White House.

Posted by J at December 13, 2003 07:08 PM

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