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December 22, 2003

by V

Clark's Q4 money numbers

I keep seeing Clark supporters hinting all over the blogosphere that his Q4 donations will exceed Dean's.

(Anybody got a cite for an actual campaign staffer's recitation of the claim?)

This begs numerous questions. A few:
  • How would they know?
  • Where are they getting their Dean numbers? Inside information, or educated estimates?
  • What makes them so certain their current take + the next 9 days will outstrip Dean's end-of-quarter surge? (If in fact they are currently ahead of Dean; are they?)
  • Why not just brag that they will outstrip all candidate numbers from past quarters? Seems an easier claim to be certain of.
  • Or is this just a psych-out, hoping to make it so by claiming it long in advance as a fait accompli? (An effective tactic for Republicans in recent years.)
And finally:
  • How much backtracking will the campaign and its supporters do when they fail? (Probably none. It'll all be evidence for a conspiracy against Clark or the insane fanaticism of Dean supporters, boo hoo.)
I welcome all sorts of answers.
Posted by V at December 22, 2003 07:53 PM

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