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December 29, 2003

by V

End-of-Q4 numbers

The Dean campaign waited till they broke $14 million, then they put up the big number on The Bat instead of the smaller goal they were shooting for.

Last quarter's total was $14,831,982.61. The bat is currently at $14,029,602.06 with over two days to go.

To break their own fund-raising record from last quarter, they'll have to average about $15,000/hour for the next two+ days. I think they'll do it, don't you?

I do admit to some curiousity about how Clark's money race is going. I haven't seen a tally from them, though, just a million-dollar bat-style challenge.

From Joe Trippi's latest note:
With more than 280,000 contributors this year -- and more than 52,000 contributors in this quarter alone -- we’ve now reached more than $14 million raised so far in the 4th quarter...

Your response has been incredible. Last quarter we hit $14.8 million. No one has ever done that before -- you made history by raising more than any other Democratic candidate for President in a single quarter. And because of what you’ve done so far, we’re likely to raise nearly $40 million for this year. No Democrat has ever done that before, either.

Posted by V at December 29, 2003 04:09 PM

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