Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

January 1, 2004

by J

Pandagon on Point

Billy Joel has a song called "Where's the Orchestra?" I think he should redo it for current circumstances:
Where's the media?
Wasn't this supposed to be democracy?
Here I am watching my tv
How the hell could I have missed the corruption?

Where's the media?
After all this is our big decision to make
Our introduction to the political crowd
I assumed they'd tell the truth before long
So I was wrong
Jesse points out the latest ineffectual (and that's the kindest term for it) coverage of the announced Bush/RNC campaign strategy:
Has anyone else noticed that the Bush Campaign is simultaneously running two separate campaigns with regards to the Democratic nominee which end up negating each other? The attacking, "pessimistic" nature of the Democratic opposition will doom them to electoral failure while simultaneously requiring the Bush campaign to raise unprecedented amounts of money to counter the ineffectual attack.

Actually, I know most of you have noticed it. Has anyone who's responsible for asking questions like these noticed it, though? It's exactly the kind of mediagenic, wholly banal storyline that would instantaneously attach the buzzwords "dishonest" and "confused" to any Democratic campaign.

"Does the Bush Campaign know who they are, and what type of campaign they're running? And if not, are they fit to run America? Not coming up next on CNN."

Posted by J at January 1, 2004 07:50 PM

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