Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

January 18, 2004

by V

Maureen Dowd, the Angry NYT Columnist

Ms. Dowd sure does think a lot of herself. Having gotten a Pulitzer Prize for her fiction writing during the Clinton years, she lets go a dubious salvo at Dean based on him not returning her call. (Was he even scheduled to talk to her, or is this just an easy tale to build a column around?).

Pandagon had a fine take on her petulance:

Pandagon: Angah!
I decided to use my five minutes to find out if he has the sunny side Americans love in their leaders. I'd ask him what he'd want to do for fun on a Saturday night if he could play hooky. I'd ask him the last time he did something goofy and what made him really laugh...
Gotta love this line of questioning. Five minutes with a presidential candidate - "Since you don't love your wife, are you ever happy?"...

To: HoDeHo@aol.com
From: MoDoWhOa@aol.com

Dear Howard:

Ystrday after homeroom U said U'd call me. *ggl*

U diddn't, so I sat down and thout abt Y U sux. IM more matture than U R, and I M tird of havin to deel wit U and ur stuff. U R sooooo angry all teh time, and it is teh suxxx.

We got to brk /\ (hehehehe), and plus I know U like that Judy skank. She is such a geeek, you geeek!
Besides, People Magazine already got a lot of this info out of both Howard and Judy Steinberg Dean. So who needs Ms. Dowd?
Posted by V at January 18, 2004 04:12 PM

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