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January 20, 2004

by J

New Emphases?

The official Blog has been subdued this morning. This just in from the Dean Daily Dose list:
Dean Daily Dose
January 20, 2004

A Doctor Who's Delivered

Two years ago, Howard Dean began this race driving down Interstate 89 to meet New Hampshire voters with a handful of brochures in his pocket and a conviction that our country can do better.

By standing up to President Bush on the issues that matter -- and pressing Democrats to do the same, Howard Dean has changed the nature of this race and even of American politics. He's brought hundreds of thousands of Americans back into their democracy. He’s forced a party in retreat to stand up and offer a real alternative to George W. Bush.

Now the other candidates have adopted his message. That's good for our party and good for our country.

This election is now about change and taking our country back.

It is about the future -- about fulfilling the Promise of America for our families and kids. It's about which candidate has a proven record of delivering results not speeches. But none of them has his record of achievement.

For eleven years, Howard Dean was Governor of Vermont. For eleven years, he balanced budgets and now he can show George Bush how it's done.

He provided health care for nearly every child in Vermont and expanded prescription coverage for seniors. Now, he can show George Bush how it’s done.

He created 20% more jobs and raised the minimum wage.

He invested in Vermont's children. He lowered child abuse rates and raised graduation rates. Teen pregnancy went way down; childhood immunization way up. He's done this for Vermont's children and now he can show George Bush how to do it for all of America's families and children.

A doctor who's delivered health care. A governor who's delivered results.

Yes, America needs change. And Americans need their country back. Howard Dean is the candidate to do it -- because he's the Governor who has.
Pointing out that the other candidates have adopted Dean's message and emphasizing Dean's quite impressive biography more is a good start.
Posted by J at January 20, 2004 11:56 AM

Yes it is. I'd like to see them be more explicit though and point out that Dean exhibited leadership on standing up to Bush, in contrast to the other candidates' demonstration of copying/following. Make it clear.

Posted by: Todd at January 20, 2004 8:56 PM

They're getting there. From a statement tonight:

"I look forward to debating with my opponents about who has stood up to George Bush on the issues that matter. About who has actually delivered results for people. About who has the experience and strength to bring real change for American families."

Posted by: J at January 20, 2004 9:18 PM

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