Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

January 21, 2004

by J

TPM Offers 'Advice'

Josh Marshall went to a Dean speech in New Hampshire and makes the following observation.
If you concede the premise that he has pushed the other candidates in this direction (and there's certainly an argument to be made), then it almost reads like saying he's acheived his historical purpose (pushing the Dems to confront the Bush) and now, well, what's the point? Maybe he pushed them in that direction, but he's not the best one to actually run against Bush. And if Kerry and Clark or Edwards have now adopted Dean's approach, why do you need Dean?
Oh good lord. It's called leadership, Josh. L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. I know it's hard to recognize in a Democrat -- it's been so long after all.

But that's what it is. In a later post he refers to Dean's "poor post-Iowa strategy." Josh has been a closet Clarkie for quite some time. And you know what we say here at VJ about taking advice from people who do not actually want you to succeed....
Posted by J at January 21, 2004 04:52 PM

The fact is that it is impossible for a public figure to say or do anything whatsoever that someone isn't going to disapprove of. I mean, he can breathe and walk, but that's about it. Dean would be foolish to listen to anyone but his closest advisers and allies (e.g., Harkin). Of course, I'm just echoing Machiavelli here.

Posted by: Gay Schierholz at January 21, 2004 09:15 PM

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