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January 21, 2004

by J

DFA Press Release - Kerry's Rx Plan

Interesting new strategy from DFA:
January 21, 2004

Statement from Massachusetts Senior Citizen Gordon Brown Regarding Senator Kerry's New Prescription Drug Plans

Massachusetts senior citizen Gordon Brown issued the following statement today in response to Senator John Kerry s new prescription drug plan:

"As a senior citizen from his home state I know John Kerry very well. Today s new prescription drug proposal is typical Senator John Kerry, now that is politically expedient he makes proposals rather than working for change when it matters.

"John Kerry spent two decades in Washington and did nothing to lower prescription drug costs for seniors like me. There is no reason America s seniors should believe him now let alone promote him to the White House.

"Senator Kerry missed every floor vote last year on the Medicare prescription drug bill until last November when he had the chance to be in front of a live national audience during an NBC debate in Iowa to talk about his supposed commitment to the issue. Then, he skipped the vote he claimed to have flown from Iowa to Washington D.C. to cast.

"For two decades John Kerry has delivered nothing but rhetoric. What the country needs now is the steady hand of a doctor and the experience of a governor to get the results we need."

Posted by J at January 21, 2004 04:55 PM

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