Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

January 23, 2004

by J

Psychosexual Politics of the First Order

Patrick Nielsen Hayden on Clark's cover pose for The Advocate:
Donít worry, the linked image is entirely SFW, as they say. Itís just a stance and an expression that enacts a startling level of personal confidence, given who Clark is, who the Advocateís readers are, and how some of our more deranged countrymen are likely to react when the magazine hits the stands. This is psychosexual politics of a very high order, and significantly raises my opinion of Clark.
Me too. But, he's also said some things that have really annoyed me. It's funny, I've expressed surprise before at how easily people's opinions can be swayed by single events--debates, interviews, ads, for example. But, if I didn't have a chosen candidate already in this race, I'd probably be wavering a lot. I can't decide between Clark and Edwards for #2, for example. And, since it doesn't matter in terms of how I'm going to vote I'm comfortable being a flip-flopper on who my second choice is.

Given that there are people for whom the Dem candidate doesn't matter--they'll vote for whoever the Dem is in November and maybe they figure they've all got an equally good (or bad) chance--the fickleness of the primary electorate starts to make more sense to me. People who waver between Dubya and 'generic Dem' or even named Dem, however, make no sense to me.
Posted by J at January 23, 2004 06:19 AM

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