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January 25, 2004

by V

Daily Show gets attention in NH

I'm a big fan of The Daily Show, and I thoroughly enjoyed this look behind their NH coverage:

The Union Leader - The Daily Show tunes in for Granite State primary
Colbert said "The Daily Show" staff is here in New Hampshire this weekend "to get some idea from the people who are really covering it what their take is on the different candidates, and how they see the next year laying out."...

What would Colbert like to ask former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean if he gets a chance this weekend? "The media tries to portray you as an angry candidate. Doesn't that (deleted) you off?"

Colbert said the best moment in the campaign so far would have to be Dean's now-infamous post-Iowa speech "because clearly everybody was captivated by it."

"I think that's an argument why he should be President, because he can capture everyone's attention.

"Listen, George Bush was a cheerleader. I'm sure he screamed like that when he was at Yale, and I don't see why that disqualifies someone from being President. But George Bush did it in a human pyramid."

Still, he said, contrary to what some pundits are saying, it may not be a death knell for Dean. The six weeks between now and Super Tuesday amounts to "a lifetime" the way this Presidential contest is going.

For example, Colbert said, he was supposed to interview John Kerry on his campaign bus in Iowa a week ago. It didn't happen. "Because suddenly, he took an eight-point leap in the polls and he was riding on a helicopter, not a bus. And I wasn't invited on the helicopter."
I watched Kerry speak at that event earlier for a little bit, but got bored and watched a cooking show instead. He just doesn't hold my attention; I think he learned that trick in the Senate.
Posted by V at January 25, 2004 09:31 PM

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