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January 25, 2004

by J

McAuliffe Steps Up

I was disappointed with Clark's answer in the last debate on the DubyaDeserter question. He needs to be sharper on these things. (I watched him on CSPAN this afternoon and he flubbed an interaction with a government-uterine-control advocate as well. Even so, he's my #2 again because I'm beginning to think that Edwards is a policy lightweight.) But anyway, I am glad to see the AWOL issue being raised again. Blitzer bugged Terry McAuliffe about it on CNN and McAuliffe actually had a decent answer.
BLITZER: Terry McAuliffe, when Wesley Clark was on that stage with Michael Moore, one of his campaign supporters, and Moore called President Bush a deserter and General Clark refused to distance himself from that comment right away, was that a huge blunder? You don't believe that President Bush was a deserter, do you?

MCAULIFFE: Well, Wolf, in order to to be a deserter, you have to actually show up.

Let's just deal with the facts. As you know, when President Bush got out of college in 1968, it was at the height of the draft. It's well known that the president, former president, used some of his influence to get George Bush into the Texas National Guard.

He then wanted to go to Alabama and work on a Senate campaign. So he went to Alabama for a year while he was in the National Guard, and he never showed up.

I mean, I would call it AWOL. You call it whatever you want. But the issue is the president did not show up for the year he was in Alabama, when he was supposed to show up for the National Guard.
Gillespie pipes up and claims that McAuliffe is "completely inaccurate." Yeah. Sure. If the media continues to hound Clark about that, I hope he shoves it back in their faces and insists that they demonstrate that he did show up for duty when he was required to. Push back hard, General. Just do it, man.

On another topic, but in the same transcript, was this fascinating exchange between Blitzer and Bob Graham:
GRAHAM: Yes. And another phrase that was used prior to the war was the phrase "imminent," that these were items that weren't just in a warehouse somewhere, or a laboratory, but they were ready to be used. In fact, the British at one time said they could be used on a 45-minute-notice basis.

So there are a lot of...

BLITZER: On that point, Senator Graham, on that point, the president himself, though, never used the word "imminent." What he said, there was a "gathering" storm raising the specter of the threat.
Now. When was the last time an 'objective' reporter corrected a 'mistake'' about a Democrat in that way? Could CNN be much more blatant?
Posted by J at January 25, 2004 10:29 PM

Off Topic rant, spiel, pitch... what have you:

Why Support Howard Dean...?

Ever since former Vermont Governor Howard Dean entered the race for president two years ago, he has been the leader in setting the debate. Dean stood up to George W. Bush when few others would and pressed other Democrats to do so as well. Howard Dean has energized the base of the Democratic Party, and as the candidate of hope, vision, courage, and experience, has created a real chance for at victory for working people in 2004...

Dean Delivers Health Care

While other candidates endlessly talk about healthcare, Howard Dean, who is also a medical doctor, has delivered it. While Governor of Vermont, Dr. Dean provided healthcare coverage for 99% of children under 18, for low- and middle-income families, for seniors and the disabled, and for expectant mothers in the state. He also required that mental illness and substance abuse receive the same coverage that serious physical illness does. Gov. Dean also provided a prescription drug coverage program for seniors and the disabled while Congress talked about it. Because of a strong commitment to helping seniors live productive lives at home, Gov. Dean shifted funds from nursing homes to other services, such as home health care, so more seniors could live with dignity in their own homes. Gov. Dean's vision for the future includes an effective and practical kind of social responsibility. His Success By Six program in Vermont places a strong emphasis on early childhood prevention and health care, with visits to the homes of all new parents who request help (91% do). This long-term vision is designed to help prevent child abuse, which has dropped 45%, which in the long run, creates healthy, productive, fully functional family support that will keep these children out of prison when they grow up. Gov. Dean did all this, while balancing the budget, cutting taxes and not by slashing funding for education, police, fire departments and other vital services.

Job Creation and Fiscal Responsibility

In his eleven-year tenure as Governor of Vermont, Howard Dean created 20% more good-paying jobs, lowered the unemployment rate, and raised the minimum wage. He also balanced the budget year after year--and he did so while cutting taxes twice, responsibly, and while providing funding for health care, school reform, and the protecting the environment. When Gov. Dean took office in 1991, he inherited a record deficit. When he left office eleven years later, he left the state with a record surplus and a solid rainy day fund in case of an economic down-turn. Because of Gov. Dean's fiscal management skills, he was able to pay down the debt and take Vermont from the lowest bond rating in New England to the highest. With the Bush Administration giving trillions of dollars of irresponsible tax cuts to the wealthy and shifting the taxes to state and local governments while charging it to our children and grandchildren in the form of debt, the country is going to need an experienced fiscal manager to pull us back from the brink of economic disaster.

The (right kind of) Money to Win

On January 1, 2004, the Dean campaign announced another quarter of record-breaking fund-raising, citing $15.38 million for the fourth quarter of 2003. This put Dean at $40.78 million for the year. But with nearly 300,000 contributors and an average contribution of under $100, Dean is not beholden to special interests or fat-cat donor, but to us, the people. In addition he can go back to the well again and again. It's a source of funding that is unlikely to dry up, making a 50-state primary strategy possible to fight for restoring American prosperity to everyone. In addition, in a savvy general election strategy, the Dean campaign decided to forgo matching funds. Giving up this public financing will make Gov. Dean financially competitive with George W. Bush and his millions of dollars from fat-cat special interests. By opting out of the tax funded campaign system, the Dean campaign is not required to adhere to limiting primary spending limits - limits that would surely cripple any Democratic presidential campaign by March of 2004 and allow Bush to attack our candidate without the ability to respond. With Gov. Dean's proven record of balancing budgets, expanding healthcare and creating jobs, they had better worry. Everyday people, when they learn who Gov. Dean is, and look at his record will see that he is a REAL leader and support him.

You should too.

The above is from a new two-sided flyer "Tired of affordable healthcare?" which is part of the "Re-Select Bush" guerrilla campaign I have up on my Gore4Dean website. (http://www.gore4dean.com/why.html)

This piece shows on one side, Washington/Bush's failure to address the serious issue of affordable healthcare. The back has the above copy which lays out the solid record and real reasons why everyone should support Howard Dean. PLEASE download and distribute it as far and as wide as possible.

p.s. if you are so inclined to donate to Dean for America, please consider hitting the bat via my Dean Team bat on my website for the effort.

Posted by: Mitchell Gore at January 26, 2004 03:18 AM

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