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January 29, 2004

by J

McGovern on AWOL Bush

From Orcinus, a partial transcript of a conversation between John Siegenthaler and George McGovern about the Bush/deserter question that was asked of Wesley Clark in a recent debate.
Siegenthaler: I just want to talk about Wesley Clark for a second . . . because he had a tough time in some cases in New Hampshire. Some people said his endorsement from Michael Moore where he called President Bush a deserter --- and then Wesley Clark refused to distance himself from Michael Moore was really a difficult time for him. And that he stumbled a couple of times up there in New Hampshire. How do you react to that?

McGovern: Well look, I know he was severely criticized for not rebuking the contention that George W. Bush was a deserter.

But what would you call him?

He avoided the war in Viet Nam by signing up for the Texas National Guard -- and then didn't show up.

He missed half of his time by not showing up for the National Guard training.

Maybe there's some kinder word than deserter. But in my book that's not too far from the truth.

And I think General Clark is a man who never backed away from battle -- who volunteered to be a part of the armed forces of this country -- as I did.

People like that are not going to defend George W. Bush on his military record.

Siegenthaler: (Stunned) Issues of war and peace continue to be a controversy -- and a part of this campaign as we head through 2004.
Haha. I point and snicker at that stunned cut to commercial. Mustn't, mustn't let the truth out! Those tricksy Democrats! Pretends we didn't hear it, we will!

And good going, McGovern. Clark needs snappier answers along those lines, too.
Posted by J at January 29, 2004 02:27 PM

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