Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

February 2, 2004

by V

Virginians for Dean

Virginia's primary is Feb. 10, a week from tomorrow.

Falls Church News Press Editorial - January 29, 2004: Dean for America
We share the sentiments of almost everyone involved in the Democratic primaries. That is, the most important goal is to defeat President Bush in November. We'd like to believe that any in the current field of Democratic candidates could beat Bush, especially as the full implications of the lack of "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq begins to sink in on the American people.

But with the Democratic primary in Virginia now only 12 days away, on Feb. 10, we have carefully examined and respect all the Democratic candidates still in the running. All else being equal, we believe that Howard Dean is the best man to take on and beat Bush.

It may seem odd, but Former Gov. Dean has become almost like a Falls Church "native son." His national treasurer is Falls Church businessman Donald S. Beyer Jr., Virginia's former lieutenant governor. Dean held one of the biggest rallies of his nationwide "Sleepless Summer" tour last August in Falls Church. The 5,000 attending made it the largest public gathering ever held here. His statewide headquarters is in the City, a block from City Hall, and it has been open to flocks of volunteers of all ages, from middle schoolers to senior citizens, from throughout the region sometimes 24-hours a day. We're witnessing the campaign here very "up close and personal."

Most in the Dean camp were a bit stunned when a seeming magic carpet ride to victory ran into some turbulence in Iowa. But that was due to the relative inexperience with conventional politics of many Dean supporters, a factor that also played into the campaign's problems handling the entrenched caucus system in Iowa. Party regulars who dominated those caucuses sought to coronate a Kerry/Edwards slate.

But, with a solid rebound in New Hampshire, the Dean campaign is geared up to swing from the heels again. This quality of resilience, demonstrated in the course of a single week between Iowa and New Hampshire, points to the underlying strength of the Dean effort. Dean's is not a conventional campaign, which is why some party regulars remain skeptical. He's inspired a sweeping cross-section of America in an almost crusade-like movement. By so doing, he's demonstrated a unique ability to spark in the American people what John McCain stirred briefly in 2000, something that explodes beyond normal politics and outside party lines to embrace new enthusiasts, from those too young to vote to those too old or infirm to make out of the house.

Senators with long voting records can be hard to elect president. But Dean was the first to "call out" Bush on the invasion of Iraq, setting the tone for the entire Democratic field. He remains the sharpest and best weapon in the Democratic arsenal for rallying a popular uprising against the amazing deceit and abuses of power of the incumbent.

Posted by V at February 2, 2004 08:17 PM

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