Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

February 3, 2004

by V

Head. Pike. Mall.

Terry McAuliffe had Kos post a message outlining some of the Party's plans for the rest of 2004 now that Kerry appears to be safely in the lead.

There were many fascinating comments on his post, but I felt this one from 'RakDaddy' was extra special (emphases added):

I'll be happy to donate to the DNC...

...as soon as Terry Mac goes on national tv and hands Zell Miller his membership card for the Republican Party.

Yes, I know the DNC is looking out for presidential politics, it's the job of the DNCC or whoever to deal with Congressional candidates, but, dammit, I want some more fucking spine from my party. I want Zell Miller's head on a pike on the National Mall as a reminder to all the weasels within the Democratic Party that treason will not be tolerated. Dissent, hey, I'm all for that. But to call yourself a Democrat and keep bashing your own party while helping lift up a suckdog like George W. Bush as a paragon of leadership...head, pike, Mall.
Yeah, I'm pretty much with ya.

Dean's been a bit free with the 'X is a Republican' accusations recently, but when someone like Zell Miller so plainly and thoroughly exhibits steadfast loyalty to your worst opponents, it might be a good idea for the "leader" of the damn party to call him on it.
Posted by V at February 3, 2004 02:08 PM

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