Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

February 3, 2004

by J

SC for Edwards; Wes Jr's Ticked

I just got a breaking news from CNN that they are calling South Carolina for Edwards. Given that Dean's not contesting states today, I haven't been paying close attention.) I'm glad that Edwards is denying Kerry a sweep.

In other news, Wes Clark Jr. got pissy with the media today:
While Clark spoke, the small group of reporters turned into a crowd, and the candidate's alarmed aides fluttered around the perimeter, unable to intervene.

He dismissed news coverage as being focused on "the horse race," and not on substantive issues, and suggested that some journalists were bent on harming his father's candidacy.

"There was a lot of smearing and whispering going on by columnists and talking heads and pundits," he said, adding that he believed that former Vermont governor Howard Dean also has been the victim of "unfair coverage."
Now, I was hanging out on dKos when Wes Jr. was posting there and my impression is that he's a bit of a prickly/defensive hothead. The quote in this article from him that: ""We sacrificed a hell of a lot for this country over 34 years. We lived in a damn trailer when I was a freshman in high school"" is a bit whiny for my tastes -- newsflash, Wes Jr: lots of good and noble people have lived in trailers -- but, speaking the truth about media coverage is good, and if it takes a bit of temper tantrum to get the almighty media to pay attention, then so be it. All of the candidates could use more and better surrogates doing similar things.
Posted by J at February 3, 2004 07:36 PM

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