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February 7, 2004

by J

How Will He Campaign?

Atrios raises a question that V and I have been chatting about a bit recently, namely, how in the world is Dubya going to campaign? He hasn't been in a space filled with unvetted, undecided, undonating people since 2000. There are stories that the advance team will set up curtains and such from the car he gets out of to a building so that he doesn't even have to see that there are people who don't support him around. We know he doesn't read newspapers. Who knows what this guy is thinking about the state of things out here in the hinterlands. And how will he react when/if he finds out?
Lately I've been a bit curious about how, exactly, Bush plans to campaign this year. I don't mean the ads/push polls/dirty tricks/whatever. I mean the actual physical, personal, kissing-babies, pressing the flesh, hold campaign rallies-style campaigning. As far as I can tell, Bush hasn't had anything resembling a "public event" since he became president. There are always enclosed spaces with pre-selected crowds, with the secret service removing anyone who may not be 100% for Dear Leader.

Posted by J at February 7, 2004 10:45 PM

How well do you remember the 2000 campaign? Bush didn't see unvetted people then, either.

Posted by: Dori at February 8, 2004 12:21 AM

Have to back up Dori - - the Bush 2000 campaign never allowed anybody but hard core supporters to appear at rallies, and often bussed them in from other states. Gore, on the other hand, would go out of his way to invite undecided voters to his town hall events, and always stayed until everyone who had a question or a comment or just wanted to shake his hand got to meet him.

Posted by: PossumCounty at February 10, 2004 03:53 PM

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