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February 17, 2004

by V

Strong turnout for KY 06 House election

WKYT 27: Stronger Than Expected Turnout In Some 6th District Precincts
Fairly heavy voting has been reported at some Sixth Congressional District precincts today, especially in Fayette County.

Democrat Ben Chandler and Republican Alice Forgy Kerr can now just sit and await tonight's results as voters are deciding which will succeed Ernie Fletcher in Congress.
As an Independent who prefers Congressional gridlock to the current state of one-party rule, let me just say Go Democrats! Go Chandler! Turnout good! (I hope.)

I presume Kos and Atrios will be on top of relaying results as they come in, but here's another source for vote counts if you're looking for one.

UPDATE: WKYT has 74% of precincts (in Fayette) reporting and Chandler is trouncing Kerr, 54.6% to 43.5%. District-wide, AP has even nicer percentages, though not that many precincts of the total have been counted: 59.6% to 38.4% at this writing.

Yeah, you go, Kentucky. Hey Karl: how do you like them apples?
Posted by V at February 17, 2004 05:00 PM

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