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March 4, 2004

by J

Dean to Withhold Mailing List?

This is just a rumor, so take it for what it's worth. A dKos poster who says s/he was at the Burlington Meetup last night reports that Dean indicated he would not be turning over his mailing list.
While Dean has not specifically endorsed Kerry by name, he continually speaks about the need for regime change. At last night's Meetup here in Burlington, Dean was the only person in attendance to mention Kerry by name. He spoke with Kerry earlier in the day and will be speaking with him again to offer whatever he can. He spoke quite favorably of John Kerry. He did also offer that he will not be turning over his huge mailing list. Any communiques to the DFA list on behalf of John Kerry will come from DFA.
There's another question though: will DFA turn over the names and addresses of their donors (particularly the under $200 donors, which won't show up in public FEC disclosures)? (This list presumably overlaps but is not a proper subset of the DFA email list).

I don't really care. My name and address are already on the DNC, DSCC, and DCCC mailing list (not sure how, since I'm not a registered Dem, but I don't mind). And, if the Kerry camp does get hold of the DFA email list and sends a message, I'll know because I use different email addresses for all the lists I'm on.

But, I can't imagine that there won't be some sort of conciliatory exchange. Or, maybe, the Kerry people will have to filter their pitches to Dean people through DFA. That would be entertaining to watch.

I'm already on Kerry's email list (have been for months) and was favorably disposed to the latest email signed by him, by the way. Or, rather, it did not really annoy me, which is saying quite a lot!
Posted by J at March 4, 2004 01:47 PM

The AP http://www.electablog.com/archives/2004_03_07_archives.html#107889435715460333 is reporting that Dean will meet with Kerry tomorrow with a view to making an endorsement and using his fundraising operation (based on the email list one assumes) to benefit the Kerry campaign.

That could be done without turning over the list of names.

As Dave Pell Put it: http://www.electablog.com/archives/2004_03_07_archives.html#107889435715460333

Come Together: Dean on the way to a Kerry endorsement (and more importantly, to make an effort to turn the internet fundraising hose towards the Kerry camp)?

Posted by: adaplant at March 10, 2004 03:24 AM

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