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March 10, 2004

by V

New word to try out

Theocon [corrente]
1. A political operative who manipulates the religious impulse to attain personal or organizational power; in the United States, generally a "conservative" [sic].

Usage example: The theocons are setting up a madrassa to train staffers for the White House.

2. (from comment thread) Pursuer of the Religious Right's agenda to create a "Christian" nation, usually noteworthy for the lack of Christlike behavior/statements.

While the theo root clearly refers to theocratic tendencies, various senses of con, including conservative, swindle (as in con job), and in some cases convict, are all potentially applicable.
Update: Hm. Looks like it's been around since 1996 but hasn't become widely used (523 appearances in Google today, and most not for this meaning of the word).

Let's see if we can bump that up, eh?
Posted by V at March 10, 2004 08:02 AM

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