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March 13, 2004

by J

Mano a NoGo

Rumor has it that a drunk-n-disorderly young Dubya once challenged Papa Bush to a fight "mano a mano" over something petty and juvenile.

John Kerry has now challenged Dubya to a monthly series of debates on pressing issues of the day -- surely something worth going 'mano a mano' about per Dubya's known predilictions, no?
In an effort to turn the campaign for the Presidency toward a debate on the issues that matter most to Americans, John Kerry today traveled to a city famous for hosting the legendary Lincoln-Douglas debates in order to answer George W. Bush's misleading, negative attack ads by calling on him agree to substantive, respectful debates every month on the great issues facing the country today. In his Quincy Address today - delivered in the largest city to host one of the historic 1858 Senatorial debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas - John Kerry noted that the Bush campaign is spending millions of dollars on misleading attack ads, and he said, "Surely, if the attack ads can start now, at least, we can agree to start a real discussion about America?s future."
The chances of this happening are about nil. In fact, I think we'll probably only see one Presidential debate this year at all, and it will be in some highly stylized, ridiculous format, too. But, good for John Kerry to stay on the offensive.
Posted by J at March 13, 2004 04:39 PM

I agree with you, J. Dubya (in reality it'd be Rove) isn't likely to accept, nor are we likely to see more than one, highly structured debate this year between Kerry and Bush. Every time Bush goes it alone he embarrasses himself. There is no way Karl Rove and Cheney are going to allow Dubya to let voters decide this race on merit.

Kudos to Kerry for the bold initiative, though. A good defense is always a good offense. And Kerry's move here was a smart one.

Posted by: Kevin@TIV at March 13, 2004 07:03 PM

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