Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

March 29, 2004

by J

Beat That Horse

I'm with NYCO. The fact that even formerly-reasonable media types are continuing to take Dean's statements completely out of context and to beat that horse-shaped smear further into the pavement is deeply distressing. And, are you listening Democratic party? It keeps my wallet closed for Kerry and the DNC.
You know, I could take this crap about Dean back during the campaign when the idiot mainstream Washington media was still wetting their drawers at Bush's feet when Saddam was caught. But having a journalist who I thought was reasonably with-it engaging in a gross lack of reading comprehension at this stage... it's so demoralizing. It just makes me wonder if there's any hope at all whether or not Kerry gets elected. What's going to change, really? Stuff like this seems a sure sign that no matter what happens, we'll still have our leaders feeding us baby food as the media sits by appreciatively, even if our leaders are not slipping quite as much steak under the table to the corporate dogs.

This is not what I wanted to be thinking about today. I am not that big of a progressive in terms of the policies I support. Neither is he. "Dropping out means hope is dead" -- well, your faith surpasses mine today, Gov. Dean.
Mine, too.
Posted by J at March 29, 2004 07:54 PM

There is so much at stake at the next election - yet the contest is reduced to a Battle of the Baby Boomer Playboys.

Hard NOT to lose hope.

Yet one step at a time. Kerry will at least bend with our wind if we blow strong enough. Bush won't.

Posted by: Night Owl at March 30, 2004 01:53 PM

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