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April 16, 2004

by V

Some rich people don't want it

Warren Buffett has said he doesn't need or want Bush's tax cuts. Bill Clinton said he didn't want or need them. Now, even loathsome radio Bush-apologist Don Imus is saying it:

New York Daily News - Daily Dish & Gossip - Rush & Molloy
[Imus] wondered aloud this week how President Bush plans to pay for additional troops in Iraq.

"They shouldn't be cutting taxes on people like me," Imus said on MSNBC. "We can afford it. We can pay them. Kids are dying over there and people are worried about paying their taxes? It's an honor as an American. Bring it on!"
It's a bizarre bedtime story Republicans feed the nation that we can fight wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, make a whole new Homeland Security agency, plan to go to Mars, and on and on -- all while paying less in taxes than we did before we set out to do any of these things. All we're doing is setting up the next several generations to pay for all our ambitions today.

Do Republicans think there won't be urgent things the next generation will have to spend money on, so they may as well just pay off our debts (with interest!)? We are tying the hands of America's future for tax cuts which weren't even designed to produce jobs. What the hell, America?
Posted by V at April 16, 2004 11:20 AM

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