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May 7, 2004

by V

Republicans with the Vapors

From ABCNEWS' Noted Now, today around 10:25am (they don't have archives...):
FIRST BC04 STATEMENT ON THK: "Yesterday, Teresa Heinz Kerry called the Vice President of the United States 'unpatriotic.' This political line of attack is offensive and should be stopped."
Oh, goodness! The delicate flower that is Dick Cheney has been besmirched! I don't know what that awful woman was thinking! I may faint!

<Livia>Aww, poor you!</Livia> I thought Republicans were against the culture of taking offense. I thought that declaring straightforward language to be out-of-bounds was too Politically Correct.

Oh, right: It's OK If You're A Republican.

Hey, it's not like she said he's "not fit for office". Personally, I think Cheney "looks French", like a deranged geezer muttering to himself in the corner of a street café. I'm sure there are other fine examples of rhetoric aimed at Kerry that would just scandalize Bush-Cheney '04 if anyone dared to turn it around, I just can't come up with any others; feel free to remind me in the comments...

The key thing to take from this, however, is that new BC'04 catchphrase and contribution to the discourse, which I think deserves prominent repetition to highlight their thin skins:

"This political line of attack is offensive and should be stopped."

Boo hoo, ya bully-wussy crybabies. If you can't stand the heat, get out of Kerry's House.
Update: Here's an AP story with Marc Racicot whining about it some more.
Posted by V at May 7, 2004 10:24 AM

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